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Felix Nater and Robin Armstead have joined forces to present the best in Custom Security Training. Learn more about who they are and what they do as professionals. 

Felix Nater, CSC
Nater Associates LTD
Robin Armstead
Robin Armstead & Associates

Felix P. Nater, CSC a Certified Security Consultant as awarded by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) believes that workplace violence prevention begins with having a robust, agile, proactive (RAP) mindset that avoids being caught by surprise. With over two decades of specialized experience & expertise acquired as a U.S. postal inspector and violence prevention and response consultant, he mentors leaders and trains workforces on how best to mitigate the threat of workplace violence through high-level advice; assistance in the development of multiple intervention strategies and of policy, plans, and training solutions with manufacturing, processing, production firms, and other businesses.


Intro video:


Active shooter news interview


How to Improve the Strategic Value of Workplace Violence Prevention

Robin Armstead is an eLearning Developer with proven experience in designing and delivering training for corporate classrooms. She has proven expertise in managing and administrating policies and procedures for e-learning environments and learning and development teams. Robin uses her strong intuitive creativity and technology skills along with a demonstrable commitment to quality to create engaging and interactive eLearning expriences.   

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